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Cherokee Retreat Center Donations Needed


The following is a list of items that the CRC would gladly accept donations to help offset maintenance costs. Donations can be sent to Cherokee Presbytery, P.O. Box 1839, Cartersville, Ga. 30120-354. Mark your donation for the Cherokee Retreat Center.
a. HVAC replacement in the Lodge. $13,000.00.
b. Replace deck boards at Lodge and stairs. $500.00.
c. Purchase and Spread crusher run stone fo...r road and parking areas. $1200.00.
d. Pool cleaning robot to help with pool maintenance labor cost. $750.00.
e. Repair canoe racks at lake dock. $200.00.
f. Paint supplies for the Pavilion rest rooms and pool area awning trim. $350.00.
g. Waterproofing for wooden decks and picnic tables. $500.00.
h. Replace fire and carbon monoxide detectors in all buildings. $300.00.
i. Replace the green and red cabins HVAC-PTAC units. $2500.00.
j. Purchase miscellaneous materials for weekend cleanup project. (paint brushes, batteries, cleaning supplies etc. ) $400.00.
k. Rebuild ramp to base dock at lake. $400.00.



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